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The cost of an application can be high, especially if he is a native application, forcing him to create a version of the operating system. Also adds the cost of additional features for the evolution of the application.

You want to create your mobile app? It’s a good idea ! But still have to go to a good start! To assist you in this new challenge, we have decided to grant you 5 tips to save you time (and money!). Here is the result of our dossier on mobile applications.

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1 / Set your goals upstream

Before you begin writing specifications or looking for a partner to develop your application, you must first lay the foundation! Ask yourself first several questions to define your concept:

Why develop my mobile? What is its added value?
What are my target audience and their needs?
What functions developed in priority? What is the delay?
What budget? Is it enough to develop an application? Should we hire to manage the application?
What communication strategy to adopt before and after launch? What actions to acquire and retain customers? …
Once these defined goals, it’s time to make your model and start writing your specifications.

To provide a visual side your ideas, get started in making a mockup that will complement your written explanation detailing the desired developments.

2 / Set a full user experience for your application

If you offer the same style as your website, there will be no added value, no use to your users continue browsing from your site. Offer different features to your web version as offline use, the use of GPS, …

Think ergonomics while keeping the identity of the company. Often, your user downloaded your application because he knows your business and trust you, it should not feel lost when changing media. But it does not feel to have wasted his time by downloading your app!

To adapt to the navigation of your users, install a tracking link for receiving and analyzing all the information sent to your users. Mix Panel is an analysis tool that allows you to collect the name, email address, location, or the habits of practice as the place clicks, products ordered or put in the cart.

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3 / Determine your business model

Free or paid? With or without advertisements? How will your application Does you generate income? If you hesitate to monetize your app, a good idea is to opt for a Freemium business model. The download is free, but you incorporate some further commercial applications. You leave the choice to your user. If he wants more features, it will pay according to their needs.

If you want to integrate advertising, sponsorship can be an interesting solution. This is to charge an advertiser for he enjoys the exclusive banners on your site.

4 / Data confidentiality

Users are reluctant to reveal their personal information. They are afraid that they are subject to tampering and will be disclosed at all.

Once you make the customer data processing, you must make a declaration to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) and notify your users by explaining the purpose of the treatment.

5 / Test your application

Test your application is the best way to optimize it according to the expectations of your customers. From the first version of your application, submit here to a small group of users and collect all their impressions. Feel free to also test the icon, your text and video presentation, the buttons on your landing page … all elements that boost your downloads, increasing your ranking on the blinds!

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