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dominance social medias

For the hotels,we can mesure the dominance of social-medias,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Linkedin, Google+. It is thus essential to interact with the social medias to develop your business.

Social Medias are unavoidable. Why ?

Because they help you to:
• Improve your image
• Retain
• Attract new customers
• Distribute your offers
• Take control of your reputation on social networks, it’s better
• Make your attractive destination
• You will stand out from your competitors

How understand and use social networks?

First, to convince you, some statistics:
« We Are Social » has published some very interesting statistics in August 2015, which show that the use of social media is on the rise.
• There are 3.175 billion active Internet users at present, of which 2.206 billion are active on social media.
An increase of 8.7% compared to the previous year.
• There are also 3.734 billion unique mobile users, of which 1.925 billion are using their mobile phones to connect on social media platforms.
An increase of 23.3% over the previous year. In other words, social media is not only here to stay, but are constantly growing.
Facebook: 70% of users is the largest social platform today.
But platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even LinkedIn are also potential gold mines for marketing.
These portals allow hotels to interact with different segments of the audience and expand their global reach. For example, the largest audience Instagram (55%) consists of young adults aged 18 to 29 years, while Pinterest is mainly used by women, with 44% of women online on the platform.
Therefore, you need to anticipate, adapt, focus, be reactive with the right tools.

Then, what actions?
Facebook: To engage directly with customers to exchange opinions, comments, spread the information about your school, work its image.
Google+: Network weighs less than Facebook but its importance is greater compared to the Google search engine: expected!
Twitter: may be useful as part of an original communication with its customers deals, info, served followed complaints. The tweets also able to promote the Facebook page, Google away.
Instagram: image sharing platform, to publish beautiful pictures of your institution and to offer customers their share.
Pinterest: to create a page about your business without forgetting pinter relatives of the latter elements: tourist sites, regional specialties, crafts … in the manner of a small guide.

Finally, here are some tips to help you get the most out of social media.
• Use your logo.
• Use your company name.
• Be strategic positions in frequency.
• Simplify your links.
• Use high quality ima ges; visual content is more interactive than other forms of content.
• Be Mobile: You must communicate with consumers via the mobile.
• Analyze the content passed to improve your articles. Analyze what’s wrong in your previous posts to improve and get more followers.

However, to be successful on social networks, we must offer content that will bring the customer to participate and engage. To do this, you need a strategy that will put in place all necessary means to engage your customers. This strategy will be different on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google + …

We will in the coming weeks investigate case by case

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