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What distribution channels?
Your marketing plan has to deal with the various channels and to estimate for each the profitability and the growth potential.
All the actors of the distribution network play a crucial role in the course of purchase of the traveler, and that is why you have to work with all the networks.
The course of purchase of the customer today is in constant evolution. He is multi-channel and multi-device. You thus have to be where he is to answer the need to escape for his next trip.
It is the customers who choose the moment, the place and the tool to interact on Web.

That is why, you have to be:

On the GDS (Amadeus, Wordlspan, Sabre, Galiléo):
Visibility on the Internet to every person, any time, everything.
Connectivity in thousands of sites of journeys.

On OTAS (Booking, Sent, Orbitz, Travelocity):
Because the customers go(surrender) on a site of OTAS for their accessibility and their attractive and practical side.
– OTAS are in first lines
– OTAS are well known
– The sites of OTAS are fast, simple and practical.

On Internet portals (, Lastminute, EDreams, Opodo and Private Trip)
For their power of purchase and marketing know-how regarding service(department), regarding price lists(rates) and regarding financial opportunities.

On comparators (Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google, Kayak)
1. The customer needs searches,maps, photos, precised informations. It is the Google’ area.
2. The customer looks for feedbacks . On the feedbacks, it is the TripAdvisor’reign
3. The customer needs availability and rates. Rates not only to compare hotels between them but also to compare the various channels on which the chosen hotel is reservable. Trivago, Kayak are the tool arisen from this leadership of the rates.

On the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
It is essential today to develop your visibility and to communicate the last news on the network. The animation of pages Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is essential.
Active being on the social networks is going to generate overnight stays.
How to ignore a tool allowing at the same time to develop loyalty of the existing customers and to draw the attention of others?
1. Develop loyalty.
2. Attract new customers by making you more visible.
3. Spread your offers
4. To take in hand your reputation on the social networks, it is to improve it
5. Return your attractive destination
6. Mark down you of your competitors

Finally and above all for the live sales: have a web site
Why? The E-tourism represented in 2015 48 % of the sector of the trip.
To take the bend of the e-tourism, it is not only to assure a presence of online quality, but also to know how to approach all the aspects of the digital customer relationship. Notices in the service of reservation, the prospecting and the management of the conflicts, the hotels have to master perfectly their online image.

It’s up to you !

Coming up next: the marketing Cross-channel and the marketing Omnicanal.

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