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Why and how to generate business on Facebook?

Used well, Facebook can become a great strategic tool for hotels, beyond the classic channels of communication; the opportunity to interact directly with the customers while promoting an establishment is the real luck to distance itself among all its competitors.

Because the first stage is to establish objectives to prepare the future:

# Word of global and immediate ear.
# Indispensable tool.
# Help you get more direct sales.
# Build your brand
Important to have a clear vision of how your brand is described online. This is a great influence factor on purchasing decisions.
# Improve your reputation.
# Promote Your Hotel in a profitable manner.
# Essential to ensure active presence linked to a suitable strategy on Facebook.

Now that we established reasons why you have to use Facebook, let us find the ways to make it!



– To promote certain deals like last minute deals or to promote special rates for « fans » Facebook, which has the interest of creating more interactivity with the fans, and especially for effect « contamination » with networks of these fans.
– In Setting up a contest: by offering a contest, winners are chosen from those who post on the home page of targeted information.
– Promoting a portfolio of properties. For brands with a number of different properties, use a custom page to promote several properties in one place.
– To Conduct surveys: the Facebook Investigation increase customer engagement and allows a visitor retention on the page.
– To Promote events, offering a calendar of events where users can book directly the event.
– To Facilitate reservations: Facebook page allows customers to check prices and book their rooms without leaving the site.
– To Promote the latest innovations, like a freshly obtained reward or renovation.

To help you, some gold rules :

Rule No. 1: Build itself a network » of friends » targeted.
Rule No. 2: Use Facebook as opinions soundboard!
Rule No. 3: Create your own group!
Rule No. 4: Make targeted advertising on Facebook
Rule No. 5: Do not hesitate to contact members of Facebook!
Rule No. 6: Use all services of Facebook at your disposal!

How to generate more engagement on your Facebook page :

1) Encourage users to comment : Your fans love to be asked! This practice has a double benefit. For one, it allows you to improve engagement and secondly, you receive relevant feedback on your products and services.
2) Include other pages in your publications : Do not limit yourself to promoting your page. When you discover that you share a similar public or certain topics with other brands, get involved with them. And do not forget to tag your status, to appear on the page as well.
3) Ask your status Create interactive publications, which are based entirely on a question, a choice, an enigma … If it remains in the « tone » of your brand, commitment is guaranteed.
4) Share of tend subjects : Watch for events that occur, as well as trends that may attract the attention of your audience. Using active monitoring with dedicated tools or by searching Google Trends, you will find topics that hit the headlines.
5) Give native video (video initiated by the independent user on a video platform like YouTube). Upload your videos directly to Facebook.
6) Respond to comments :Take the time to respond to comments from your readers. Why ?
• Because your comment publications: The traces in the news feed
• Encourage fans to engage
• Enhances your image
7) Organize Facebook Live : On Facebook, the visual content is much more than shared links or statutes. However, be sure to promote this event a few hours / days before to increase its chances of success
8) Target audience
9) Add a « call to action » button on your publication
10) Entertain your community
Finally, remember that these tricks only work if you have quality content to share! Your fans will then want to react and share it with their friends. This will naturally increase your natural range.
So every time you create a post on Facebook, before clicking « Publish », ask yourself if it is qualitative enough for your community.

In conclusion :
Facebook is a very interesting and very powerful tool to build an important and influential network. Make themselves known, generate demand, boost sales. With professional tools Facebook, you can do it all. It is therefore necessary to define its action plan on Facebook, with what we want to do it, how to do and how many resources (time …) we want to spend.


Bu gönderiyi paylaş

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