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What will be the trends in tourism and in hotel industry in 2017?

What will be the trends in tourism and in hotel industry in 2017?

The evolution of leisure tourism and travel and business travel is continual.
Digital tourism and the global situation are turning tourism upside down.
How to use the rise of technology to meet customer expectations?

First of all, it is necessary to be present wherever possible.
– Personal website and mobile application
– OTAS, big or small, all will be useful to you to be seen on Internet
1 in 3 users uses mobile to search for information about a product.
– Social Networks
– TO
– Airbnb
– Travel agencies
– Meta engines
– Tripadvisor
– Google
– Gift box
– Media

Then take account of trends in tourism

– Well being, relaxation
– More experiences, less shopping
– Chatbots
Instead of forcing the customer to go to a web page or download an application, the user interacts with their current provider through their e-mail tool. The user dialogues with a « smart » robot, a bit in the spirit of Apple’s Siri or Cortana of Microsoft. Microsoft pushes this in its Skype, but the others are not left behind and especially Facebook with its Messenger.
– Ecorespectful tourism

For this, to set up a good revenue management strategy is key.
This involves optimizing the hotel’s website to attract maximum traffic.
Be aware that online booking will be the most popular sales channel in 2017.
The analysis of the sector revealed that, in terms of accommodation, almost half of the bookings are made with the OTAS.
In 2017, tourism revenues via mobile will reach 35 billion euros, almost a quarter of the total online market. It is therefore imperative to have the mobile application.
It is also necessary to invest in SEO, paying (SEM). On the other hand the design of the website of the hotel must be centered on the customer experience and the integration of a reliable booking engine.
The segmentation of the data
Segmenting your hotel data is a great way to aggregate relevant data, and allows you to better target your marketing campaigns to specific customer mixes.
In addition, segmentation makes it possible to observe trends in order to improve the revenue management strategy.
The adoption of open pricing

Finished Pricing based on the best available rate (BAR) now, you need to use the open pricing strategy. Its advantage is to be visible on all distribution channels but with prices independent of each other.

At the same time, we must not forget social networks. It’s digital word-of-mouth.
It is a tool to attract your customers, an asset to keep them loyal. 77% of travelers share visual content during their stay.
It is also an SEO tool. The more we talk about you, the more you are visible on the search engines. Social networks allow you to reclaim your identity by communicating.

New resolutions, new strategies, the year 2017 will have to be entertaining, mobile, interactive and experiential.

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